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In the following tabs for your valued the most frequently performed several projects in various embodiments.

All prices include the cost of purchase and installation of the material. The prices should be treated as an estimate

and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article. 66 par 1 of the Civil Code.


Important information:

For accurate home valuation is affected by many factors. The most important are:

1.  The foundation - the depth of humus (the black soil layer) on a plot determines the height of the foundation,

and the type and current prices of the materials used.

2.  The project - the thickness and type of exterior walls, load-bearing and partition; sections of structural

columns and beams, and the type and current prices of materials, the complexity of building solutions, etc.

3. Roof - select the type of trim and gutters, solid roof - dormer windows, bay windows, balconies, "buffalo eyes"

4. Window frames - the number, size, type and add-ons:


The price of individual states implement the house decides the choice of materials and the complexity of

the solutions. All these elements depend on the investor's decision and current material prices. They are

determined as far as possible before and during construction.


The scope of the various stages of construction work are:

1. State strictly open

- The purchase, transportation, drying, processing (fabrication) of timber structures and their underlying

collateral impregnation

- External walls and ceiling construction,

- Construction of the full roof sheathing and torching.

2. Second Closed-in

State strictly open plus:

- Wooden windows and exterior doors,

- Proper roofing.

3. Developers state

closed-in, plus:

- Internal Installation,

- Installation of partition walls and insulation,

- Execution of the floors,

- Place of chimneys and ventilation,

- Impregnation right inside and outside the walls of wood.

4. state "turnkey"

Developers state plus:

- Finishing of walls, ceilings and roofs,

- Location of the tile in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet,

- Execution of floors: panels, carpet, parquet, etc.,

- "White montage"- electrical sockets and switches,

- Installation of central heating furnace and radiators.


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