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6. Building a house - technology companies SIELANKA®


        The construction of each house consists of several steps and requires many works preserved in the correct order. Participate in the contractor with various specialties, it is so precise planning work for the smooth conduct of investment and time limits for various stages.     
Production of wooden house does not exceed a period of three months. Installation of wooden parts is also very short and does not last longer than 3 - 5 weeks.      

Building the foundation  
Foundation for the house should be done very carefully and this fact should be given particular attention. The requirements of this part of the investments are included in the technical documentation. In our case it is a design house. Dimensions of the finished foundation must be consistent with those contained in the architectural design. Its surface should be level, smooth and without lobes, which help to achieve maximum sound integrity and equality of the whole structure. The area around the foundation should provide free access team mounting a minimum of three sides of the building under construction. This involves backfilling trenches around the base of the house and removal of formwork. More than that, the area built in close proximity to the object to be prepared for storage of items for home and enter the truck. Each time, before an assembly of building construction consultant to verify the correctness of our implementation and dimensions of the foundation.    
Material on the house    
When selecting material, investors usually opt for pine or spruce, which are characterized by favorable price relationship to the durability and quality.
Many companies in Poland because of high costs and lack of appropriate conditions, to build a house, not dried wood. Not-dried is exposed for longer periods of subsidence and cracks and the possibility of greater loosening of individual elements. Cracking not dry Solid wood is a natural phenomenon which has no effect on weakening the building structure. From our experience shows (and this is not just our opinion) that the timber for house construction should be about 18% humidity, such wood meets the best conditions for a compromise between resistance to warping and the lack of a tendency to absorb moisture from the outside.       

Installation of log home walls

Installation of the house in the construction of coal (Figure 1) begins with the landing of home items and arranging them on the prepared site with a crane and lighter elements manually.


        Source: SIELANKA Group

The above picture shows the lock assembly of coal and logs "on foreign double-pen" - thanks to the construction of the house will be tight, and its walls are not stable and undergoing the process of warping for decades.      

We offer a cross section of logs 18 and 22 cm. The first relates to buildings,

where the walls will be insulated from the inside, in the second case, we build houses that do not require construction of additional insulation. We use logs
rectangular, spliced "Splines" (diagram page 10), packed with felt and use of coal is the result of locks long experience. This design, from the viewpoint of structural mechanics, as well as the leakage energy is in our opinion the most optimal. To minimize the dimensions of the remnant of coal gives a satisfactory aesthetic effect. The first wall elements placed on a foundation according to the project and given its dimensions. All distance elements are controlled by means of laser measuring devices. After completing these steps, holes are drilled in the logs and the foundation for permanent connection. Wall beams are arranged in accordance with the numbering sequence that has been done on pieces of wood castles at the factory. The next step is the installation of columns and beams on the ground floor. Initial stage of mounting the walls of the building, the picture is visible insulation between "foreign feathers" logs forming the wall. The apparent gap is prepared to lock the inner wall mount design i




          Source: SIELANKA Group

Structural walls now stand, the time for assembling the roof structure.


The log houses can be used all types of roofing - ridge, sloping ceilings and envelope. The most universal, giving great possibility that a solid roof and the most popular for centuries is the design of rafter (in the shape of an inverted V). Offered by SIELANKA homes
Standard have full planking of the roof with tar paper covering. Such a solution:
- Significantly improves the isolation from water, cold or heat,
- Protects the house from the soaking water and swelling of wood in case of torrential rains that occur in the intervals of construction (such as roofers before they appear on the roof).
An important issue is the warming of the roof, a big well done to prevent heat loss and overheating in the attic.
The roof of the log houses, we can cover any plating from among all available in the market, such as ceramic tile and concrete, thatch, wood and tar shingle, slate, tile steal-naked and with a layer of stone aggregate etc. The final of his execution should be done before finishing in the middle of the house.        
Installation of windows and external doors 
The log houses, after prior consultation with our designers can use any type of windows and doors (jamb, wooden, PVC or other). Installation of window and the door is a very important operation. Please do it very carefully taking into account the assumptions of the mechanics of subsidence of the building. SIELANKA based company many years of experience has developed his own unique method of fitting windows and doors, ensuring the absolute integrity of its seating for years to use the building.         
Under the beams beyond the external walls are nailed soffit boards with a break of 1 to 1.5 cm in order to provide ventilation of the roof. Bands are mounted around the windows, railings and other items found at the house finish from the outside. 
After mounting     
Immediately after the wooden parts of the building, all its elements must be secured firmly penetrate appropriate preparation. To impregnate the exterior can add a base color or the final form has the same general character of the house. Remember not to overdo the amount of chemistry and try to pick good preparations so as not to lose the most important, the climate healthy home.      
Partition walls and internal installations

Finishing the interior of the developer in the state of wooden houses not much different from the technology used in brick houses. But remember with some differences. In the wooden houses so we should use. "Joints" - so that assembly of all elements of the building, through which they will be resistant to stress-related changes in the vertical dimension of the building during the first year of use. Internal structures can not be rigidly fixed to the exterior walls. Using the special solutions should create independent elements and free of stress causing cracks. In addition to the significant difference is how the electrical installation.
The wooden houses for safety reasons electrical wires cross sections should be numbered "with reserves", and all cables should be placed in a black fireproof tube (with special plastic tube).


             The effect of the work of specialists from the company SIELANKA - construction of the building is ready, roofers covered the roof tiles, windows and doors in their places, on the face of our client debuted sincere smile.       

Interior design      
Contrary to some opinions, houses made ​​of wood does not impose specific solutions related to interior design. The universal character of log homes perfectly gives the possibility to choose the style of both modern and old (retro), very elegant and simple, idyllic. From experience we know that many modern devices such investment projects ended with an excellent result. Against a background of pale wood appear to be simple, geometric elements of everyday use or decoration, including with the performance of modern technology such as home electronics. Hence the conclusion that wood is rewarding material to create interiors with different climates and does not impose rigid rules and solutions.


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