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4. Formalities connected with the start of construction


         The house is for many of us have a serious investment and for some, even life. Before making such a serious undertaking in our lives, we get the needed and necessary information directly related to the construction of their own dream house.

Our guide will help you explain and understand the problems connected
with that investment. It is-known that in order to build a house you must first purchase a plot, we mean those who read our guide are not happy owners of the land. This is a good time to reflect on what we want to build a house, find the right project for us and a company that will realize our dreams.      
First select the design of a house - this will help avoid the restrictions, previously unforeseen. These are the dimensions of the plot, for example, the distance the location of the building in accordance with applicable regulations.     
Then, to make sure that our project will be feasible in a given area should pay a visit to the department of architecture, town or municipal office and check whether there is a local development plan (in case of his absence we act on the decision of the zoning for our property). In this way we get information about land-use and any restrictions such as building height, roof angles, access roads etc.  
Before buying the land is worth more to check the legal owner of the parcel and any debts or liabilities attributable to the area. This operation will do in the land registry department of the district court.       
Having the land and the design of our house we are required to obtain a building permit (in the office of the county). The application for the issuance of a building permit documents to be collected:   
development plan or a plot of land - it is situated by the designer of our building and elements such as gate or septic tank location on the map of our land. It is worth mentioning at this point that the current maps for design purposes are issued by the repositories geodesic maps, which include a specified area. Very often the waiting time is long and the maps in this document should stock up in advance.
architectural and building our home - we can say a personal project, a project to adapt the project finished or finished. The designer is required to give us four of his copies. We should also note whether it was accompanied by a certificate of membership to the Chamber of Architects and insurance. This is the official requirement. power allocation (current) issued by the utility company. If the gas is fed to the promise of allocation of gas as well as the statements of other plants for ensuring the supply of fluids (water, heat).  
The decision (agreement for construction) should be released within one month
(In difficult cases to 2 months). Permission is granted indefinitely but must start construction within two years and the gap in investment can not be longer than two years. It is possible to transfer the decision on building permit on behalf of another person when selling or buying a house.
Additional building permits do not require such stored detached outbuildings, sheds and gazebos an area up to 25 m2, the total number of these objects may not exceed two per 500 m2 of land (only notification is required authorities to architectural and building administration).
Another duty of the investor is to hire the construction manager and give notice to the inspectorate of the planned on-site supervision of construction start (7 days before the start of works). We must also remember to include a statement to the notice, from our construction manager, to accept responsibility for construction. That person should have extensive experience. It will be professional advocate who care about the correctness of the entire investment, confirmed by the relevant entries in the log building and taking away from the executive's subsequent stages of construction of your home. Official construction of this official document, which appears to be the course of work. Once you made the last entry, all construction documents must be submitted to the construction paper in order to receive an object by an authorized employee.


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