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2. The advantages of log houses built


• healthy home

Wood as a natural material, possessing the ability to self-regulation, moisture, creates a unique, difficult to obtain in other technologies, micro-climate inside the building. Wood also gives off volatile oils, which have a positive influence on the health and well being of residents (many cases of proven canceled allergies and various ailments).

In countries where timber construction is widespread, statistical inhabitant of these houses live several years longer!

• Short construction time

The house imported to the site in the form of ready-made elements takes about 3-4 weeks. Short installation time home construction entails many advantages for the investor:

1st In view of the far-reaching prefabrication construction of the building the investor receives a very high quality.

2nd Offered by the cost of construction is clearly specified in the contract and unchangeable throughout the duration of the construction.

3rd An investor can live in a dream home much earlier than if it were built in the technology of "wet" (eg, masonry), which requires lengthy downtime between the implementation of the various stages of construction.

4th A short time to build a home is also lower costs associated with the work of specialists, so more savings for the investor.

• low weight home

Lightweight wooden house can minimize the size of the foundation, so their cost is lower. The smaller is the cost of transporting materials to the construction site.

• "dry" technology

Construction of the house is limited to the assembly of wooden elements, connected to the nails and metal connectors, therefore, need not break technology, which seriously reduces construction time. Any minor alterations, modernizations of the building elements are not related to its design does not require the intervention of specialists, you can do on their own.

• the possibility of building homes in the winter

In addition to the foundations of a wooden house does not require any wet work, such as concreting or bricklaying, allowing the construction of a wooden house can be done in the winter.

• ease of reconstruction and modernization

The construction of wooden houses allows for  easy modification, expansion or modernization of such conversion or replacement of the wall installation.

• small thickness of external walls

Walls filled with thermal insulation, allows to minimize the thickness of the outer walls so that the wooden houses with the same external dimensions are more usable space by about 10% less than brick houses.

• good thermal protection home

Wood construction is part of a centuries-old traditions of various regions of the world - particularly developed in cool and humid places such as Scandinavia (80%), mountain areas: Tatry mountains (80%), the Alps, except that in the U.S. and Canada. Poland is also a large part of the year belongs to a similar, rather cool climate, and home heating costs continue to escalate. Wood is an excellent thermal insulator that means; not transferred cold from the cold outside to the inside and heat to the outside which greatly reduces heating costs.


The great advantage of log homes is that they are very warm in the winter and consume approximately 1 / 3 less energy than brick houses, while in summer give a pleasant feeling of coldness - especially when heat waves.





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