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SIELANKA belongs to a group of companies specializing in the construction of log homes. The company wants to bring together key professionals who wishto pursue the idea of building healthy and beautiful homes. These people aim to promote the wooden house as more resistant to the effects of time and weather than any other technology built house.

We managed to assemble such a group of enthusiastic professionals for whom wooden housing is a real passion. Many people have cooperated with the Group Sielanka working in the industry for up to 30 years. The team that was created is able to combine tradition and modern techniques through being opened to new building trends. Together with highly professional equipment Sielanka Group is able to meet even the toughest construction challenges. With the escalating demand for construction of wooden homesSielanka Group decided to fill this gap in the Polish and European markets.

Our projects are created in Poland and abroad.Currently we have several teams that can execute projects in different locations at one time. Each project is overseen by a project manager.

Homes built by Sielanka will truly past the test of time.

Company President    

Zbigniew Nowak    


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